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Author Topic: Sons Of Anarchy DVD 1-3  (Read 9280 times)

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Sons Of Anarchy DVD 1-3
« on: July 28, 2011, 12:45:38 am »

Sons of AnarchySons Of Anarchy DVD Season One left me open-mouthed as well as the Sutter has developed the story and characters in such a short period of time, I'm thinking about Busy Season 2, and waited with bated breath for months! In short: a great show! I lived in Japan for 17 years, and we are waiting for evidence that I could get Lost DVDin depth after the Sopranos .... someone somewhere compare this one to show that, no, no! Different story, different sub-culture of crime! The Shield was also an incredible show, but I think that SOA is only bound to this by turning the storyWalt Disney DVD .... Watch Season 1 and then 2, and you will see why this show is so amazing: I'm not a cyclist, and knows the culture, but this seems to me are not absorbed in their season world.This is painful, but worth the discomfort to the end! I have to wait a long look at the S3, because the Japanese are not allowed to show on television, but thanks to God for all the regions of my player! SOA is the best show One Tree Hill DVDon television. And 'The Sopranos on motorcycles. The last show that was this good was in Rome and The Sopranos. Nothing else comes close.Of course, you should enjoy this kind of programming or you will not feel the same way, but if you like Rome or How I Met Your Mother DVDThe Sopranos, you'll love this show.Katey Sagal is amazing and really gives the show something extra that puts it on. The cast is still excellent and the writing is very good.
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