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Author Topic: Computer Crap Rules and FAQ. MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS [Updated 20/05/05]  (Read 12202 times)

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This was stated before on the old boards and has been mentioned again on the new one....

If you have a problem with your system, then you wanna fix it ASAP. The best way to do this is to egt the attention of those who know about what you have a problem with, and give them the information needed to make a diagnosis. At a minimum, do the following...
  • In the subject line indicate what it is you have a problem with and a very brief description of the problem.

E.g 'Cannot print from Word 2000' is more likely to attract Word experts than 'help'
  • In the body, put a description of what is actually happening. Also include any error messages exactly write them down on paper if necessary. Just because they look like gibberish to you, they do (mostly) mean something specific and will save loads of time in fault-finding.
    E.g. "Cannot write x. Device y is full." instead of "it can't write something"
  • Give as full description of the system as you are able (as far as it is relevant). Include OS version, software versions, hardware model names, driver versions etc.
  • Also, put what you are expecting to happen - believe it or not, we're not psychic and it might not be immediatley obvious why what is happening is a problem.
  • Put what you have already tried doing in order to fix it.
  • Don't get frustrated if people ask you do to things - if you are given a set of instructions, follow them precisely and give back as much feedback as possible. Don't be put off if things you're asked to do are similar to what you have already done.
  • Be descriptive .. "it doesn't work properly" doesn't help anyone.
  • Finally, close things off. When you've got it working, let us know what actually fixed it - and don't forget to thank those that helped, we don't get paid for this, we do it for the love of helping other peeps out, and everyone loves to be appreciated.
  • As with any of the forums on Haxed we only appreciate positive contribution to threads.  Useless/pointless replies in threads will be removed.


Posting direct links to illegal files is strictly forbidden.

Any threads created saying "omg I cannot sign into MSN?" will be removed.  If MSN goes down there is nothing we can do about it and if it isn't working you just have to wait until it's up again.

BTW. Any discussion in this thread will be deleted - create another one if necessary - I want to keep this as an actual rules-list. But post any additions here.


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