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Title: Novation X-Station 49 Key Synthesizer USB MIDI Keyboard £300
Post by: Katesbush on July 18, 2011, 01:50:02 pm
Really don't want to sell this, but in serious need of cash right now! I'm after £300 for it.

This is a very reliable piece of equipment, i've used it to play synths off Reason and it has always done a good job.


Stuff it does:

1)It's got a built in soundcard, so basically you won't get any noticeable latency, its got two jack/mic inputs so you could use this as an interface to record stuff on your computer (again no real latency).

2)It's a synth. It does lots of synthy stuff, you can play this without a computer, the synth on it is actually pretty decent, with lots of controllable knobs and sliders. It's got a kaoss type thing next to the pitch control, you can mess around with sounds with that which is pretty cool.

3)It's a really reliable controller - like i said, i used it to control reason, but you can control anything with it, it just connects via USB and away you go, there's a load of presets on the machine that mean the faders/knobs on the synth can control the sounds coming out of a computer/another synth.

Key Features

Novation-class Synthesizer
Monotimbral, 8-voice, 3-oscillator (with 17 waveforms), 2 LFO (with 32 waveforms) virtual analogue synthesizer with 200 massive onboard sounds and a huge array of hardware controls for editing parameters

Advanced MIDI Controller
First-class remote control with 150 available controls and 40 onboard Templates for popular software/hardware, with many more available for free online

24-bit Audio Interface
Fully featured 24-bit audio interface with 2 XLR/Jack inputs, both with phantom power, and a coaxial digital out (S/PDIF)

Multi-effects Processor
A total of 6 effects per channel can be applied simultaneously to the onboard synthesizer and/or audio input(s)

High Quality Novation Keyboard
Superb semi-weighted, high-quality keyboard with velocity- and aftertouch- sensitivity

2-D Controls
Fantastic ‘Xpression’ pad and adjustably sprung pitch/mod joystick, both freely assignable in MIDI Controlling mode

Complete Portability
Various options such as USB- or battery- power, in addition to PSU, allow maximum portability. Batteries can even recharge via USB!

full spec: http://www.novationmusic.com/products/midi_controller/x_station

Title: Re: Novation X-Station 49 Key Synthesizer USB MIDI Keyboard £300
Post by: Katesbush on July 18, 2011, 02:05:35 pm